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3 min readJan 14, 2023

In the farthest corners of the galaxy, there existed a huge machine. Not the kind which we see in factories or anywhere.
This is something else. This machine is the creator of the soul.
It creates souls and sends it’s across the universe. Each soul it sends has a particular destination and time of arrival. But like all other machines, sometimes this machine also makes some mistakes.
And what happens as a result?
The souls destined for some other places gets ended up in the wrong place.

One day this machine have been assigned the task of creating souls for the Harmony world. This was a world where the souls were designed to live in harmony, loving each other, being passionate and compassionate, and so forth, and so on. Once a soul is produced, it sends it across the universe to its destination. But due to some problems, two of the souls ended up on the wrong planet. Guess what planet it is.
You might be thinking, ooh what’s wrong with that? Earth is exactly like harmony planet right? What’s the problem?

The soul machine is not even sending souls to earth world. Why? It’s a very primitive world. The creatures here are very primitive. They are not very conscious. All they do is fight with each other. As individuals and as nations.

What will happen to the souls that end up in the wrong place at the wrong time? They have to learn the ways of the world which they are in now the hard way. They are not accustomed to their native ways of living.
And here in the case of the earth, the native ways of living are nothing like harmony world. It’s the exact opposite of it.

People here are deceiving selfish, greedy, destructive, cheating, war-mongering, and genocidal kind of people. It’s very hard for a harmonious world soul to even witness this kind of existence.
Adapting to It is out of the question.
It takes a big toll on the souls to live in this world.

They both kept on living here. They have no clue that this is not the right place for them. They don’t even know each other or know that they are supposed to be in a harmonious world.
They both lived their separate lives. Made friends with the people of earth. Tried to fit in and be like them. Got betrayed by their own very friends and couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Life went on like this.

Then after a while, something interesting happened. Both of these souls meet each other for the first time. When they saw, at that moment itself, a connection was felt. Like they were drawn to each other. It never happened with any of the other earth people they were with. On some deep level, they knew, something is there. Then it was magical. Magical times. Whenever they were together. It was like they made their own harmonious world here on earth.

But it didn’t last long. Why do you ask? Isn’t it obvious? Earth people can’t stand seeing people living happily. So they do what they do best.
Planning and calculating to cause misery to others. Nobody else should have what they don’t have. That’s their mentality. The poor old souls of the harmonious world were not immune to this.
They got trapped in the drama and got separated eventually. Ultimately the mischievous Earth people won. After all, it’s their world and their tricks.



Am C

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