a bunch of WHY?s and HOW?s

Am C
3 min readSep 24, 2022

Why are you expected by everyone, that you should just love one person and one person only and that you should be with them only for the rest of your life? No matter what. How does something as pure as love becomes a bad thing if you share it with more than a person? Actually how dumb and naive you have to be to believe that a person and his entire existence will be revolving around someone else alone!

How did everything get this much fucked up?
How did these kinda ideas get into our heads?
Because of selfish people?
Because of people who think the world revolves around them and them only?
How did these limiting beliefs become the norm?
How did all these social structures that everyone is following blindly come into existence? According to whose wishes?

The ruling class?
So that people will be busy with their miserable lives trying to work out a thing which is flawed to its very core. meanwhile, they can exploit them in all the ways imaginable.
Make them into workers for their factories, and industries, by paying them pennies compared to what they make. turn them into modern-day slaves, and reap the benefits of their hard labour.

All the while the ordinary person is so invested in his nuclear family and its miseries and is absolutely blind to the large scheme of things.
He is content that he gets to be a modern-day slave so that he can provide. He doesn’t even know why he is doing this. Everyone is doing it. This is how it’s been getting done for a while, so I am also doing it. That’s the general explanation.
He is totally happy. Actually not happy. He feels like he is doing the right thing. But what exactly is this right thing? These are just the general rules that have been getting followed blindly in the culture you have been raised. Have you ever consciously thought about the why’s of the decisions you have made? I don’t think many people have done this. They just go on autopilot. And this auto piolet system is mostly programmed by their parents, neighbours, and the culture they live in. Individual thought is nowhere to be found in this.

He is not the only person who is happy or say seems to be happy. His parents are happy, his neighbours might be jealous, and society values him since now he has a job. or in other words, that he is part of the system. why are they happy that he gets to be a part of this system? they are happy that they have reeled one more person into their pit?

There are also people who rank these levels of misery based on various factors. If you are making some money slightly higher than your peer, you are a more valued slave. It doesn’t matter how long you work, what you are working on, whether you have to stay away from your friends and family, all that matters to these people is just how much you make!
The more you make, the more you are valued. Numbers are valued. Numbers and material possessions.

what a fucked up way to live a life.
Reducing such a wonderous and mysterious thing like human existence into mere numbers.

I don’t know why everything is the way it is.
But I know, and I feel this is not the right way.
Then what is the right way?
I don’t know.
We have to find it on our own. As we move along in our journey.
Rather than following pre-written scripts for us.
At least we should have a why for the decisions we make.



Am C

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